Social Media Footprint


The purpose of a Social Channel Footprint framework isto establish the goals, roles, and relationships among different social channels managed by a brand. Often, marketing teams do not have a clear or strategic view of all of their social media channels. Many have built out a large number of channels over the years and devote a great deal of energy and resources towards keeping them up and running. Challenges arise as new channels are adopted, existing channels evolve, and audiences move. Further, the goals,budgets, and internal resources for social media can change over time. This framework helps align teams to ensure the same content is not posted everywhere.


What is the role of each our social media channels?


  1. Identify all of the official social media accounts that your brand manages, including the associated handle or URL. You may also include social media channels that you are considering launching.
  2. List all of the objectives that social media may contribute to for your brand, for examples sales or service. Evaluate the contribution of each channel for each objective using a 0-to-5 point scale in Marketing Objectives column.
  3. Identify the social media related tactics and activities that support your objectives, and indicate which channel will be used for each.Include relationships between channels in the Channel Role column.
  4. Identify the relative priority, posting frequency, and media investment for each of the social media channels. Ballpark ranges are fine, as this is not to be used as a content calendar or media plan.
  5. Analyze the results of the completed framework. Are the roles of each channel clear and distinctive? Does the level of investment match the priority of each channel? Do you have the right channel mix?


  • Always complete the framework from left-to-right to ensure that you are leading with your marketing objectives.
  • Revisit the framework over time as platforms and internal priorities change over time,it is a living document.
  • This framework can be reformatted to include more detail, consider this version a summary view. ‍


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