Social Media Content Calendar


The purpose of a Social Media Content Calendar is to manage the content that you will be posting via your social media channels. While Calendars exist in different formats and software tools, all help marketers figure out what, where, and when content needs to be posted. The Calendar is an important workflow tool, and should capture all of the detail your team needs to manage social media in one place. The content and activities within your Calendar should always align with your broader marketing and social media strategy, and be updated as they change. A Social Media Content Calendar should also align teams, and be used regularly and collaboratively throughout the year.


What content are we posting across our social media channels throughout the year?


  1. Begin with the horizontal column and indicate the specific week along with any milestones that are relevant to your social media activities. These milestones should be a mix of business priorities and cultural moments.
  2. Each row represents a separate social media post. For each post, indicate the following:
    • Owner: Who is ultimately responsible for the delivery of this post?
    • Time: What date and time should this post be published?
    • Topic: What topic or content pillar does this post relate to?
    • Channel: What social media channel will this post be published to?
    • Type: What is the specific format of this post?
  3. Finally, include references to any copy or creative assets that are available and will be used for your post. For example, link to a specific image in a central brand asset repository that will be used.


  • Reflect the information your team needs to manage social media within the structure and contents of your Calendar
  • Create your Calendar in a format that can be easily shared and updated in real-time by your team.
  • Consider cultural events happening each week that are relevant to your brand and customers.‍


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