Customer Journey


The purpose of a Customer Journey map is to visualize the process that a person goes through to accomplish a goal. For marketers, Customer Journey maps are typically used to understand what a customer is doing, thinking, and feeling as they progress towards a transaction or start using a product or service. This framework helps marketers adopt a more customer-centric point of view, and identify moments to provide value. These moments are typically associated with frustrations experienced by customers at specific points in their journey where their needs are not effectively met. Marketers can use a completed customer journey to explore new opportunities to address these pain points, and design a better and more connected experience for customers.


What is a customer doing, thinking, and feeling throughout their journey?


  1. Identify a single customer persona and scenario to examine. Your personas should be based on customer research, and your scenario should include multiple steps and a clear customer goal.
  2. Identify the high-level phases that a customer progresses through towards their goal. Capture these phases from the customer’s perspective. New phases start when a customer has a new need or focus.
  3. Capture what the customer is doing (actions), thinking (questions), and feeling (emotions) at different phases of their journey. Populate the framework with data from customer research to avoid bias.
  4. Review the Customer Journey Map and identify moments where a customer may be experiencing a heightened level of frustration or having difficulty progressing towards their goal.
  5. Review the Customer Journey Map, ideally with your team, and identify opportunities where your brand may address these moments to provide a better and more connected experience for your customer.


  • Customer personas are required to start a Customer Journey Map, one persona for each Map.
  • Customer Journey Maps can be used to analyze if your marketing channels are well integrated.
  • Customer Journey Maps can be used to explore future state experiences for customers.‍


Customer Journey Mapping is credited to Chip Bell and Ron Zemke
Kalbach, J. Mapping Experiences: A Complete Guide to Creating Value through Journeys, Blueprints, and Diagrams. O’Reilly, 2016


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