Campaign Ecosystem


The purpose of a Campaign Ecosystem map is to visualize the connections among different elements of a marketing campaign. Ecosystem maps are increasingly useful as media continues to fragment and the number of channels used by marketers continues to grow. This model organizes different channels and touchpoints based on the role they play and their relationship with each other. Visualizing all campaign elements together allows you to see if there are any missing pieces or dead ends for customers. The Campaign Ecosystem map is a useful tool for clarifying complicated, integrated marketing programs that involve large teams with interdependencies. The top-down visualization helps everyone get on the same page.


What tactics are we using for this campaign and how do they all fit together?


  1. Identify the goal of your campaign and the potential phases that your target customer will proceed through towards the conversion action or campaign outcome. Describe these phases from the customer’s POV.
  2. If you have not developed a plan for your campaign, use the framework to identify potential tactics. If you have developed your plan, validate it using the phases. Do all of your tactics play a clear role?
  3. Place all of the campaign tactics in their appropriate phase in the framework. Consider if there are any other tactics that may be available that you have not considered but might add value.
  4. Visualize the connections that exist between each tactic. Indicate where there is a primary call-to-action (CTA) and where there is not. Highlight the next action that we want customers to take.
  5. Review the first draft of the Campaign Ecosystem map with your team to ensure the right tactics are included, the role of each tactic is clear, and that all important connections are illustrated.


  • Organize the tactic in whatever way makes the visualization most useful to your planning.
  • Keep an up-to-date inventory of owned or previously used tactics for reference when planning.
  • Scrutinize your Map to create stronger connections between tactics, like targeted landing pages.


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