Marketplace Insights


The purpose of a Marketplace Insights framework is to identify opportunities based on insights from your marketplace research. The framework allows marketers to organize findings and insights in a way to see larger themes and patterns more easily. The columns represent the high-level process of moving from research to analysis to ideation. The rows capture the different dimensions of your research based on the nature and scope of your marketing initiative. The framework can be used at the beginning of an initiative to plan your research, but is more useful to consolidate the resulting findings. The Marketplace Insight framework gives you a strategic through line that connects your research to recommendations.


What opportunities do we see based on our marketplace research?


  1. Identify the dimensions of your marketplace research that you will use to categorize your findings. These should have been determined when you created your original research plan. Capture these in the left-hand column.
  2. Capture the Findings from your research in the appropriate row. Describe these in a way that is as objective and factual as possible, without interpretation. Each finding should have a corresponding source.
  3. Analyze your findings through the lens of your marketing initiative. What do you think this means? What is the potential implication? Capture your Insights, and focus on those findings that feel most relevant.
  4. Review your Insights for clusters and patterns and try to synthesize. What larger trends are emerging? What insights feel the most useful to your marketing planning? Narrow down your list before identifying Opportunities.
  5. Identify high-level marketing Opportunity territories based on your prioritized insights. Describe these in a way that is directional, not specific. These Opportunities should help finding solutions, not be the solutions.


  • The framework is a useful presentation tool to visualize how your recommendation is grounded in research.
  • Each column represents a separate phase of work that needs to be completed before proceeding.
  • Consider creating an Affinity Map to help you cluster your Insights before identifying Opportunities.‍


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