Content Mindmap


The purpose of a S.M.A.R.T. Goal template is to describe a clear and measurable goal for your marketing initiative. S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for the qualities of an effective goal: Specific (target a specific area for improvement), Measurable (quantify an indicator of progress), Achievable (ensure it is possible to accomplish), Relevant (align with a larger business objective), and Time-bound (state when result will be achieved). Determining an effective goal is critical for marketers to create and approve marketing briefs, develop and provide feedback on marketing plans, and measure the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. Using S.M.A.R.T. goals consistently can help you focus on marketing outcomes over marketing outputs.


What do we need to accomplish by when to be successful?


  1. To start, make sure that you have a clear focus of the editorial strategy for your brand. This is best captured as a concise ‘North Star’ statement describing why someone will engage with your content.
  2. After capturing this statement in the centre of the map, capture the related Sub-Topics. These Sub-Topics represent the different subjects or themes that you cover through your content. Capture these as keywords.
  3. Now that you have the structure for your Mindmap, start to explore new content ideas. Spend time on each of the Sub-Topics and brainstorm different ways they can come to life through content from your brand.
  4. Capture each new content Idea on the Mindmap and illustrate the connection it has to a Topic. If a new idea generates additional ideas, consider capturing it as a Sub-Topic with multiple branches.
  5. If a new Content Idea has a connection to more than one topic, illustrate multiple connections. Once completed, review the Mindmap with your team to vet and prioritize new Content Ideas.


  • Remember to explore and vet new ideas through the lens of the customer you are intending to engage.
  • Recognize that your ideas may become less relevant the further you move away from your core topics.
  • The Mindmap framework can be used for any brainstorm activity that requires some visual structure.‍


The Mindmap concept is credited to Tony Buzan


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