Communication Signals


The purpose the Communication Signals framework is to identify the moments when you would like to target your customer with relevant advertising. This framework is most useful for digital advertising and 1:1 messaging, where marketers have the ability to target customers based on their behaviour and life stage. Marketers can use technology to recognize specific actions that customers take on their digital channels (e.g., abandoning a shopping cart) and respond accordingly. Marketers can also identify relevant customer triggers (e.g., contract expires in 30 days) and automate targeted campaigns. The Communication Signals framework helps marketers determine the signals that they can use to deliver more timely and targeted advertising campaigns.


What actions or triggers will we use for our targeted marketing campaign?


  1. Determine the Customer and Context you are focusing on. Who do you want to target and what do you want to improve? Identify the Steps that a customer may need to take to achieve your conversion goal.
  2. For each Step, identify your Goal—the action you want your customer to take to proceed towards conversion. Then identify the Moment when you feel you have the best opportunity to convince them to do so.
  3. Review the Moment and determine if there are any observable actions or triggers that will indicate when it arrives. For example, a Signal for targeting a motivated customer might be when they add a product to a cart.
  4. Ensure you can Recognize and action these Signals in a timely and accurate way. Describe how you will do so. For example, you might tag your shopping cart and include these users in a motivated audience segment.
  5. Determine how you will Respond when this Signal is Recognized. What tactic will you use to motivate this customer to take action? For example, you might use a remarketing campaign for your motivated audience segment.


  • If you have completed multiple columns, ensure that each is distinct and requires its own campaign.
  • Multiple signals can be used within a single campaign, and some plans may not require multiple steps.
  • Ensure that your plan is feasible given its expected value and level of complexity to implement. ‍


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